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Businesses are well past the stage of whether or not they need a website. Now the question is, how effective will your website be?


Outsourcing web design will help you develop the online marketing presence you need.


Sure, there are low-cost and do-it-yourself resources out there to create your website or mobile apps. However, just because your co-workers think you're a wiz at Excel doesn't mean you should be an accountant. It's the same thing with web and app design.


Doing it yourself — or outsourcing web design with inexperienced or discount resources — can be a nerve-wracking experience. After all, you're putting your company's online marketing in someone else's hands.


Work with an experienced outsourcing partner that has a process for understanding your needs and managing the complex nature of these kinds of projects. There are many moving parts and each one must mesh for your website or app to be the most effective tool for you.


Here's a framework to help you outsource web design and development for websites and mobile apps.



Understand What Level Of Help You Need: There are web/app designers and web/app developers. Designers create the graphic look of the site using images, typefaces and navigation. Developers take the design and turn it into a functioning website or app. They have different skill sets, and a good outsourcing partner will bring both types of people to your project at the right time.


Ask For Samples: Look at what work the vendor has done before, and ask what their role in the project was. Ask about any outside resources they may have used to tackle complicated projects. There's a lot of technical jargon that you may not be familiar with. That's OK. Don't be afraid to ask questions and gain clarification. Understanding the previous projects the vendor has done will give you the confidence that this resource has the capability to manage your project.


Ask For References: Of course, any vendor will only supply names of happy customers. However, ask about communication and responsiveness. A genius designer or coder may deliver an outstanding product but could be challenging to work with. So, ask for references about their ability to manage the project, as well as their technical skills.


Know What You Want: Scope creep has killed many projects. If you start out saying we only need a website with five pages, and then suddenly decide to add full e-commerce capability, your project will run into problems. Agree internally about the scope and goals of your project. The vendor can guide you in decisions to shape the project but understand that significant changes will take additional time and investment.


Understand The Process: Establish a timeline with milestones and understand when you will be asked to review and give input on the progress. Be prompt and precise in your feedback. Establish communication methods — will you do everything by phone or email, or do you expect people to be available via Skype or Slack or another platform. If you have a hard deadline such as a product launch, store opening, or major sale, let everyone know up front.


When you're ready to move forward with your project, look for a company experienced in outsourcing web design and development for websites and mobile apps, such as DDC OS USA. Interested to learn more? Contact DDC OS USA today!


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