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team_teresa.pngTeresa Peyton is a dedicated team player with a versatile professional background; her wealth of knowledge in the data processing and real estate industries brings unparalleled knowledge and a needed skill set as DDC USA’s Vice President of Operations.

Teresa began her career in the data processing industry as a data entry operator in 1984. She was quickly promoted to data entry programmer the following year and after six years of continuous positive input into the organization, was promoted to Programmer/Analyst in 1991. 

From 2004 to 2008, Teresa switched gears and focused her career in real estate. She earned her real estate professional license and did well –selling numerous homes using her tenacious work ethic and positive, approachable demeanor. She also worked with HomeBanc Mortgage –and was given the responsibility to process and close mortgages until the collapse of the mortgage industry in 2008. Remaining in the real estate sector, she went on to work for a law firm, where she focused on closing mortgages and title work.

Teresa joined The DDC Group's North American company DDC USA in 2013, initially doing temporary clerical work. Impressed with her work ethic and can-do attitude DDC USA quickly hired her on as the Project Manager of B/E Aerospace.

Her responsibilities included:

  • Training Operators,
  • Overseeing The Daily Production and Ensuring That All Work Was Done On Time,
  • Question & Answer Support From Operators,
  • Client Support Cases Coming From Pay Box,
  • Update Daily Report(s),
  • Run Email Audits (Daily),
  • Run SLA Audits For The Client To Ensure DDC USA Met All SLA Requirements,
  • Run Export & Export Edits,
  • 8PM: – Checked Nightly Transmission Emails To Ensure The Transmission Was Successful & Emails Were Confirmed As Received,
  • Attended AP Conferences, AP Demos & Visited Potential Clients With The Sales Team.

Teresa's extensive experience in managing global data processing projects and teams for today`s leading corporations next led her to serve as DDC USA’s Vice President of Project Development where in addition to her duties served as Project Manager, she developed concepts for new programs and visited clients in regards to developing customized systems for their project needs.

As DDC USA's new Vice President of Operations, her responsibilities will include:

  • Liaise With DDC USA's President And The CFO/President Of Finance & Administration,
  • Make Decisions For Operational Activities & Set Strategic Goals,
  • Plan & Monitor The Day-To-Day Running Of Operations To Ensure Smooth Progress,
  • Supervise DDC USA's Operations Team,
  • Ensure DDC USA's Certifications Are Met,
  • Evaluate Operations Performance.

In her free time, you can find Teresa enjoying quality time with her family and friends, watching football, and going to the beach!

Congrats Teresa! We Are Proud Of You!

-Your DDC USA Family