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With the rapid pace of change today, companies are challenged to stay up to date with all facets of their business in order to maintain their competitive advantage. So, it is no surprise that a compelling 57% of companies surveyed in the Deloitte 2016 Global Outsourcing Survey rely on business process outsourcing (BPO) partners (such as DDC OS USA). These BPO partners focus on the back office work, so that companies can focus on their core competencies.


Outsourcing has expanded from what most people think of as traditional functions (such as human resources, accounting/payroll, and data entry) to modern day functions (such as IT outsourcing and the rising expectations of customer service).


Are you potentially considering working with a BPO partner, but aren’t sure if your back office work is the right function to outsource? Well, consider taking a look below at 5 current trends where companies, such as yours, are relying on BPO partners to manage their back office work.


Customer Lifecycle Management


Does your company find that managing customer relationships is a strain on your current employee resources? Companies today are using outsourcing partners to manage their entire customer relationship –that is from support, to engagement and insights. Outsourced customer management partners use the latest technology to enhance the entire customer journey.


An outsourcing partner can develop deep relationships based on customer satisfaction –be it from inbound and outbound sales to payments, mail processing, web chat, complaint management, resolution, retention and more! Rest assured, an outsourcing partner can scale to your needs for a product launch or a seasonal rush. The technology can provide deep insights into consumer analytics and behavior based on surveys, quality assurance, and social media monitoring.


Multimedia Response Handling


Does your organization tackle campaigning or charity work on a regular basis? Such organizations today require a customer contact system that must be able to handle many types of customer interactions such as phone, paper and electronic communication. Customers have the same high level of communication and response-time expectation regardless of the channel they use, so a holistic plan must be in place and a BPO partner can easily provide this.


GDPR Management


Is your company GDPR compliant? The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new European rule designed to give web users more control over their personal data. Any company that offers goods or services to European citizens must ensure that their users' data is gathered legally and under stringent conditions. Those who collect the data must also protect it from harm. 


Companies that fail to be GDPR compliant are subject to significant penalties. So, they are turning to reputable BPO partners who can provide tools (such as DDC RiskView) that identify areas of risk for data breaches within their online system.


IT Outsourcing: Website Design & Development


Does your company’s web presence meet today’s technology demands? Working with apps and website design and development experts can boost the effectiveness of your company’s online presence. That is why many companies today have turned to BPO partners, such as DDC OS USA –who develop and maintain their website and mobile apps. Outsourced web design and IT partners can provide and utilize the latest online tools to help guide your company’s prospects down the sales funnel.


Knowledge Process Outsourcing


Do you feel that your company could benefit by better streamlining your back office processes? Companies today are leveraging the knowledge and expertise of BPO partners to improve their back office processes to be more efficient, accurate and timely. BPO partners offer a range of knowledge processing services, such as multilingual data capture and financial administration processing.


Do you feel that your company relates to one of these back office BPO trends? Not sure and want to speak with a BPO expert to see if your company could benefit by outsourcing with a reputable partner? Contact DDC OS USA today to have your questions answered and gain guidance on what is best for your company!


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