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Global ticket provider expands to the secondary ticket exchange market with customized web development solutions partner DDC USA

ATLANTA, GA/ July 21, 2017 – TixCity, a New Jersey-based global provider of tickets has expanded its partnership with customized web development solutions provider DDC USA (DDC) through the creation of secondary ticket exchange platforms for TixCity partners. The secondary ticket exchange platforms provide fans the ability to resell their tickets and purchase tickets within a safe, fan-driven marketplace.

The idea for the Fan Exchange sites came through ongoing discussion with TixCity partners, including Rutgers University and the West Coast Conference. “We had a vision for what we wanted to accomplish with our Fan Exchanges but we knew we needed a partner to help us achieve the data capture necessary to make the Exchanges a success for our partners,” said TixCity CEO and Founder, Lon Belvin. “DDC provided us with an exceptional solution; building attractive and easy-to-use websites while handling all of the necessary back-end functions.”

Working with TixCity marketing manager, Matt Hayden, DDC built the highly customized web application platform, ensuring that the user experience was optimized for mobile use. “DDC’s quick turnaround time and general responsiveness has helped TixCity deliver successful ticket exchanges for our partners and their fans,” said Hayden.

After the timely creation of the analytics dashboard that reports insights into buyer behavior, TixCity was only further impressed with what DDC had to offer. “[DDC has] proven our confidence in their expertise,” remarked David Paro, Marketing Manager of TixCity. “There is a certain respect we have for [DDC] to turn their work around in a timely manner.” The professionalism and respect that DDC employees exude has bridged this budding partnership closer together.

To date, DDC has worked with TixCity to develop and maintain exchanges for Rutgers (Rutgers Fan Exchange, powered by TixCity), the West Coast Conference (WCC Fan Exchange, powered by TixCity), Saint Mary’s College (SMC Fan Exchange, powered by TixCity), St. Cloud State (Huskies Fan Exchange, powered by TixCity) and the University of Northern Iowa (UNI Fan Exchange, powered by TixCity).

The TixCity-powered Fan Exchanges boast many user-friendly features, including an analytics dashboard that accurately reports buyer behavior in real time.

In keeping with TixCity’s brand promise of being the fan-friendly ticket source, TixCity clearly shows and explains any fees associated with use of the exchanges. Additionally, TixCity shares revenue from the sites with its partners. This financial reporting is made easy with the functionality built into the sites by DDC.

Another unique feature is the ability to purchase any number of tickets from a seller. Luna Boyd, Director of Client Solutions, was proud to announce the creation of the DDC PDF Parser System within the ticket exchange platform. This system allows tickets to be sold individually or in bulk from a seller that further enhances the fan experience. The PDF Parser System is a new concept that has been exclusively developed for TixCity’s clients and is not available anywhere else on the market.

As Peter Holland, DDC’s VP of Business Development noted, “We look forward to our partnership with TixCity continuing to evolve and grow as we collectively find cost-effective and innovative web analytic solutions in the sports/entertainment ticket industry.” This is just the beginning to a great and prosperous partnership.

About TixCity

TixCity, LLC, based in Edison, New Jersey, is a global ticket company currently focusing on the secondary ticket market. A leading voice within the ticket industry on issues related to preserving ticket-buying options for consumers, TixCity has built a reputation for exceptional customer service. The Fan-Friendly Ticket Source, TixCity serves ticket buyers across all sports and entertainment. TixCity is pioneering fan exchanges to provide fans of specific sports, teams and venues a safe, secure environment to buy and sell tickets. For more information on TixCity visit www.TixCity.com or follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@TixCity).


DDC USA is a division of The DDC Group, a worldwide network of BPO experts and solutions for back office needs. With operations across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, DDC's 4,000-strong staff delivers services in over 40 languages with ahead-of-the-curve industry standards. For more information, visit: http://www.theddcgroup.com/ or follow on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn (@DDC_USA).