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The client is a world leading market information group, providing both custom and continuous research to local and multinational organizations, operating a global network spanning 50 countries.
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DDC managed approx 1.6 million till receipts per year with data capture accuracy maintained at a minimum level of 99% (consistently higher than industry standards) due to our 3-stage QC process.

The transition process was handled in a personal but professional manner which enabled us to change quickly, with no loss in service, and allowed us to reap the benefits in a short time period. The flexibility and high level of service we receive from DDC has been a major factor in making this a positive relationship that we hope will continue.

the Solution

DDC provided the client with a hybrid on-and-offshore solution. The till receipts were initially handled, sorted and scanned in the UK. The images were then transmitted to DDC’s advanced facility in Manila where operators manually capture the required data. A set of strict validation rules were generated to limit the capture to only relevant data, thus ensuring a cost effective solution. From receipt to capture, the data files were returned to the client via FTP within a 72-hour period, and at critical reporting times the return time was reduced to 24 hours. Once the captured data and images were sent to the client, they were stored within our secure offices to enable image archiving if required at a later date. Paper copies were also stored before being securely destroyed. The end-to-end solution was fully auditable and included stringent quality measures and validation.



Improved Accuracy
Enhanced Client Experience
Automated Programs 
Standardization That Allows For Quality Metrics To Be Met
Adaptability To Meet The Individual Needs Of Your Business
Cost Containment


The quality of the data provided has enabled our client to increase the number of valid price lines captured by 50%. The client received consistently high levels of data capture across all types and formats of till receipts -levels that were previously unattainable. This increase was a result of the detail and planning built into DDC’s data capture process, as well as the training and accuracy of the data capture operators. The solution had the flexibility to cope quickly with changes in till receipt formats and respond to the client's demands in a timely fashion. The dedication and commitment shown by the DDC team was demonstrated by consistent SLA achievements.

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