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From a standing start, GBES had to take their own market share. The constraints were immediately apparent; as a new start-up, GBES was unknown and didn’t have the resources to provide a fully encompassing customer service solution. Further to this, GBES had to combat a higher than anticipated initial growth.




The initial and ongoing challenges, it was decided, would be faced in partnership with DDC. Partnering with a new entrant into an ever-changing and competitive marketplace, the challenge for DDC was to provide innovative thinking and processes. DDC offered a cost-effective solution, utilising their proficiency in the customer experience sector to ensure targets were met, whilst retaining GBES’ brand ethos at heart.

With a team that is both highly experienced and dynamic, we would describe the relationship as one that is based equally on trust and capability.

the Solution

DDC was able to quickly transition from no staff to over 100 GBES dedicated members, something that would have been costly and time consuming for GBES. Coming in at the start of the project allowed DDC to create a close partnership, using regular communication to handle the scalability and rapid growth.

Starting with a small team, DDC listened to the customers, analysing the data in order to anticipate the next steps required. Feeding this back, DDC began to suggest new communication streams for GBES to move into. This meant gradually incorporating new areas of customer experience as and when needed. The project started as outbound customer acquisition but quickly became a full customer contact centre, spanning across the web, social, email, telecoms and back office administration.


Any actions GBES made affected their customers, which in turn affected DDC’s interactions with the customers; to best manage this, a transparent partnership was necessary. However, the relationship went beyond a partnership, DDC became an integral part of the GBES team.


The account management structure was developed, creating a clear line of ownership across the project; starting with the Managing Director, the structure included a Service Centre Director, Client Relationship Manager, Project Manager, Operations Manager and Business Services Manager.

Utilising three locations, the UK, Philippines and Europe, DDC was able to supply central services, business lines (customer acquisition, customer service, specialist support), analytics, and infrastructure and information technology. In slightly more detail, most services are listed under two service lines:


Business as Usual; inbound/outbound sales, email, social media, back office processes, complaints, customer services.

New Lines; billing, account review, print and fulfillment service, payment management, web chat services, smart meter, smart mobile app, prepayment, and fuel poverty innovation.


GBES had to invest little by way of capital expenditure, operating with only 16 direct employees; this was due to the joint risk approach taken with this project. DDC invested heavily in technology, people and infrastructure to allow GBES to use their own funds in business-critical areas.


250,000 fuels / 180,000 customers (target reached ahead of schedule)
9th on the CAB energy complaint league table
66% CSAT, which is above industry average
0.01% of customer base complains
82% of complaints are closed before the end of the next working day
Over 89% conversion rate in sales
Cost reduction plan
Creation of a debt management system led to the recovery of over £350,000, which continued to grow
DDC OS offers a range of charity solutions, which means Christian Aid is able to outsource their requirements to a single provider.


As a new firm, GBES needed to trust DDC in helping them establish a place in the market. It proved to be a valuable experience for all involved. Fortunately, GBES had a clear strategy and approach, which has enabled DDC to follow and support that vision. This project enabled DDC to exemplify exceptional service, innovation and a flexible approach.



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