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What is it?

Most organizations are unaware of the location, volume and severity of documents containing or relating to Personal Identifiable Data (PID). DDC RiskView shines the light on your data estate to reveal at-risk resources, allowing you to prevent breaches and contain the threats within your company.

What is RiskView?


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What We Do 

DDC Riskview and Data Entry Services
DDC RiskView Dashboard 
Provides Deeper Analysis & Navigation Of Potential Critical Documents.
DDC Riskview and Remote Data Entry
DDC RiskView Assessment Reports  
The results allow you to better understand your individual areas of risk for data breach that your company can better address.


Document Scanning Software

Locate Unprotected Personal Identifiable Data (PID)

Remote Data Entry and Document Capture Software

Identify Sources Of Critical Data Leakage

Unproctected Personal Identifiable Data

Identify Intellectual Property Theft

Accounting Outsourcing and Accounts Payable Automation

Improve User Accountability & Compliance With Regulations

Remote Data Entry

Identify Security Threats

Data Entry Serice and Document Scanning Services

Detailed View Of Your Company’s Data Storage

are you gdpr-ready?

Request a RiskView demo to learn how you can effectively manage GDPR risk and adhere to the regulation quickly and easily - without having to become a compliance expert.