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CreditSafe is Europe’s no. 1 provider of online business credit reports. Privately owned, Creditsafe maintains the largest “owned” database with 135 million online company credit reports.

DDC captures company accounts for CreditSafe that are filed in Finnish, French, German, Spanish and Swedish.




Each country's accounts are filed with a registry, such as the U.K.'s Companies House. The registry makes the accounts available as images: electronic impressions of the original paper documents. DDC obtains these images directly from the registry or from its client then sets to work on analysis.


To support the analytical process, the client may also provide data it already holds about previous year's accounts, which allows certain additional validations and efficiencies to be introduced into the workflow.


One of the pleasures of working with DDC is the personal attention we get at all levels of the business. DDC turns its hand to new ventures with enthusiasm and expertise, like with our European offices and our global reports initiatives.

the Solution

The captured data populates a fixed template of fields specified by the client. Within a guaranteed turnaround time, the analyzed, extracted, validated, formatted, and quality assured data is back with the client to refresh its products.


The scope of material includes not only financials, but shareholder records and other documents that may be filed at the registry to show changes in company status.


Improved Accuracy
Enhanced Client Experience
Automated Programs 
Standardization That Allows For Quality Metrics To Be Met
Adaptability To Meet The Individual Needs Of Your Business
Cost Containment


The same accuracy is achieved as with English, notwithstanding the need to correctly interpret notes and auditor’s reports -not just the item labels.

+ Over 1 million companies’ records processed each year


+ Ca. 100 fields to be analyzed for an account; ca. 20 for a return.


+ One or two years’ figures analyzed as instructed.


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Eliminate the stress of manual entry for your printed records.