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The client is a leading U.S. healthcare revenue cycle management company, which specializes in converting administrative cost burdens into competitive advantages by delivering sustainable business value. Since incorporation about six years ago, the client is on a fast track with over 250+ implementations throughout the United States, with the remittance patient population growing rapidly.




The client's claims processing system rested in the hands of one vendor and produced mediocre results. In addition to a need for diversification for disaster recovery and business continuity's sake, the client also required a vendor that would equip its team with stronger efficiencies, higher quality data and improved turnaround time. The client also expressed the desire for a vendor who would act as a partner that could be trusted to consistently offer a fair price and remain easily accessible as its volume increases.


We are very pleased with the project and the team at DDC. The software written by DDC's VP of IT is very impressive and sped up the rate of output from the beginning. The dedicated project manager is responsive, diligent and accessible. The clarity and timeliness of communication from her end is exceptional. She and her data entry team have improved the quality of our data and turnaround time so that we are able to exceed our deadlines. Most importantly, we trust DDC. The difference between this partner and our other vendor is night and day

the Solution

The DDC Group's North American vice president of IT developed a brand new software tailored specifically to the client's needs, which includes post-processing clerical and quality assurance services for the client's best-in-class remittance process offering. 


The client scans and sends explanations of benefits (EOBs) from its lockboxes via FTP to The DDC Group's server in Atlanta. Using the custom-designed data processing program, operators in DDC's Atlanta office process images on all critical levels, enter line items and balance data with the according checks. Once all data is adjusted and confirmed, DDC's staff sends the data back to the client via XML.

Results: DDC processes approximately 15,000 EOBs per month with a guaranteed data capture accuracy rate of 98.5% or higher within a 24-hour turnaround time frame


Improved Accuracy
Enhanced Client Experience
Automated Programs 
Standardization That Allows For Quality Metrics To Be Met
Adaptability To Meet The Individual Needs Of Your Business
Cost Containment


In addition to the higher quality data, dependable turnaround time and open lines of communication, the client has also gained valuable insight into how their EOBs are being processed by its other vendor. For example: DDC project leaders noticed early on that if a field is denied, a data entry operator could simply input a CO45 code and pass it through the system despite the discrepancy. DDC, however, takes the time to determine the correct code for each field to ensure correct data. This has allowed the client to meet deadlines, eliminate data discrepancies, and increase success rates with clients tremendously.



Eliminate the stress of manual entry for your printed records.