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who we are - DDC OS USA - IT Outsourcing Company

DDC OS USA is a division of The DDC Group. The DDC Group has been reducing costs and increasing the accuracy and efficiency of business processes since 1989. Founded on the bedrock of low-cost offshore data processing, the privately owned amalgamation of companies offers a wide range of customized services for clients across the globe.


With operating units in the US, UK, Philippines, Holland, Ukraine and Bosnia, the central hub of our offshore processing is located in the Philippines. There, selectively hired, highly skilled, university-educated and thoroughly trained staff are dedicated to specific DDC clients, specializing in each client’s individual data processing needs and back office services. To bring these solutions full circle, DDC has built an extensive network of onshore support for superior project management. That's what makes DDC, your back office partner.




What We Do - Document Process Outsourcing Companies


Organizations that don’t recognize future trends in scanning projects and scanning equipment are at risk of falling by the wayside. Learn the state-of-art of how process outsourcing enables organizations to adapt to the fast and unpredictable nature of today’s digitally-driven business climate.

Our clients say

  • Guggenheim Document Scanning Services and Business Process Outsourcing
    The DDC team is professional and courteous, and operations are run efficiently. In contrast with a vendor we used in the past, DDC was able to scan our documents on-site, and the same tasks were completed in half the time. Since our partnership began, efficiencies have increased and costs have reduced. The time and energy of our in-house staff can now be dedicated to core Foundation initiatives. I would absolutely recommend DDC to my peers.
  • Fleetcor Data Entry Services and BPO Solutions
    We selected DDC because we are confident in their strength and dependability as a partner who can handle our mission-critical data. The work was completed exactly as initially outlined, and we are now compliant with corporate policy on customer file retention. Beyond our expectations, DDC has surprised us with the ease of use and format flexibility.
  • ACTA Remote Data Entry and Outsource Data Entry
    The conversion which incorporated 40 million characters of indexed data required special attention to detail, particularly in relation to scientific symbols, formulae, and a faithful presentation of data. In addition to the development of thorough instructions, and full testing, DDC maintained an active dialogue with the ISHS throughout the production phase and delivered compelling, consistent results.
  • Age Concern Document Capture Software and BPO Solutions
    DDC currently carries out a wide range of response handling and fulfilment  on our behalf, maintaining high levels of service to our supporters both current and new. The account management teams are proactive and attentive, allowing for a close working relationship which ensures processes run smoothly and that we are kept constantly informed on the progress of our campaigns.
  • Archway Remote Data Entry and BPO Solutions and Outsource Data Entry
    DDC has helped us continuously improve our scanning and data capture process through the use of superior technology and exceptional customized service offerings. We have greatly benefited through their efficiency of resources, industry experience and commitment to Archway. We extend our sincere thanks to DDC and look forward to our continued partnership!
  • Cineworld Outsource Data Entry and BPO Solutions
    DDC provides us with a very comprehensive and efficient service via a Dedicated Response Handling and Fulfillment Team, maintaining high levels of service to our Head Office, Cinema Complexes and Corporate/Retail Customers. The Account Manager and Dedicated Team is proactive and attentive, allowing for a close working relationship which ensures processes run smoothly.
  • Business Process Outsourcing and Outsource Data Entry

    I would like to offer my congratulations to you and your team for another job well done. As you know this last job we asked you to perform was very complex and required a very quick turnaround. You and your team accomplished both and as always provided a very high level of quality along with speed. Thanks to you and your team.

  • Business Process Outsourcing and BPO solutions
    By outsourcing activities to DDC, technical and substantive controls were introduced, and bottlenecks were removed. Peaks in workload now have been solved on the bases of SLA's with the external partner. All document flows are external. The settlement of failures is automated. Prioritizing is arranged in advance and there is immediate insight in the workload. The quality of the back office process has been improved incredibly.
  • Document Scanning Software and BPO Solutions with DDC FPO
    The DDC team was extremely open/excited about TicketCorp’s concept for the app, and continue to be. DDC’s team works very collaboratively with us to strategize, brainstorm ideas, and execute without trying to pigeon hole who we are or simplify their job by creating the same type of app that already exists. We are learning, growing, and developing this app (and even my company) as a single, cohesive unit and THAT is the key to our success.
  • BPO Solutions and Outsource Data Entry
    We had a vision for what we wanted to accomplish with our Fan Exchanges but we knew we needed a partner to help us achieve the data capture necessary to make the Exchanges a success for our partners. DDC provided us with an exceptional solution; building attractive and easy-to-use websites while handling all of the necessary back-end functions.
  • Outsourced digital Marketing and Business Process Outsourcing
    Our vendor partnership with DDC enables MediStreams to deliver timely and accurate results to our healthcare provider clients. Our technology, combined with the excellent human data perfection services at DDC, gives MediStreams the edge in the Healthcare Revenue Cycle space.
  • Outsourced digital Marketing and Business Process Outsourcing

    Our results have shown a dramatic increase in numbers of transactions processed within a 24-hour period and at a lower cost. We have been working together for over five years, and DDC continues to be a great partner.

  • Convergent
    With DDC, all issues associated with cost, efficiency and accuracy have seen improvement. They have also exceeded our expectations in the quality of work with minimal to no mistakes and the amount of time taken to produce data files. Importantly, the number of new accounts we can enter into our system is exceptional, and much more than we could ever do on our own.